Introducing the all new Strikeforce wheel to the Australian market. A highly engineered both on & off-road wheel to enter the Australian 4×4 scene mixing off road race designs, candy popping colours and extra loaded strength for your rig. Strike-Force was inspired by off-road racing and trophy truck designs featuring a simulated bead lock lip with two-step drainage holes allowing smooth extraction of water, mud, sand and silt maintaining correct balancing. Loaded at a massive at 1200 Kg per wheel which is the highest load rating cast wheel on the Australian market. An array of unique colours and modern concave styling, full face design adding strength compared to traditional cast wheels. Extra load lip technology assisting with off-road impact, maintaining tyre pressures and reducing tyre beads to come off. Strike-force is available in multiple offsets and in all 4×4 stud patterns. The removable reinforced steel threaded bolts allow further customisation. Join the Strike Force Phenomenon today.



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