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I've been here twice and both times, the team at Top Ten Tyres made me feel comfortable, which is huge because as a woman I always feel intimidated walking into an establishment like this. Different options at different price points are always discussed thoroughly before the job and their expertise really shone.

I called around for a while for some used tires, but nobody was cheaper than top ten tyres. I went over to check it out and the treads on them used tires was still 70-80%. I was helped by Mohamed and he was very very nice and very helpful. I bought 4 used tires and he gave me a discount. I told him that I was sending the 4 tires overseas and he said the he'll pressure checked them just to be sure that it is all good and they sure did turn out good. His helpers in the shop were really nice and funny too. I totally recommend this place to anyone.

Great customer service and you get looked after well. Recommend this for all your tyre needs. I got 4 wheels and 4 tyres done in 60 minutes including wheel balancing. This was my best tyre fitting experience in Sydney and anytime I have done this in the past meant spending at least half a day with Bob Jane, Kmart or Jax. I will be back. Thank you Mohammed for the great advice.


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