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Mullins Wheels have supplied wheels into the Australian market for over 108 years. Our latest alloy wheel range provides you, the vehicle owner with tailor-made wheel applications to suit your vehicle. When choosing wheels for your car you can be assured that the Mullins CSA wheel brand is well known, well established and well respected in Australia as a market leading brand. Mullins CSA offer wheel designs that are fresh, new and stylish and we are sure that if you choose CSA alloy wheels, you will greatly enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Mullins CSA offer a complete range of alloy wheels for Passenger Cars, SUV's and 4x4 Vehicles in sizes from 13" diameter through to 20" diameter. During our design & development process, all Mullins CSA alloy wheels are engineered and tested to JWL-VIA International Standard, to ensure they have the strength to endure our Australian road conditions. On our Website Fitment Guide, when you select your vehicle from the menu, every wheel we list for your car has been confirmed as the correct fitment, load rating and offset for your chosen vehicle.

CSA alloy passenger wheels are available from CSA Direct tyre dealers (see our Dealer Locator) and from tyre & wheel stores Australia wide.



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