When was the last time you got your suspension checked? If it was more than 10,000 kms ago you should probably pop in and pay us a visit.

Everybody knows we’re the ones to turn to for all your wheel and tyre needs but we’re also pretty hot when it comes to suspension work too. It’s important that you look good on the road but also that your ride is smooth when you’re on it.

If your tyres are wearing a little unevenly, giving you a bit of a rough ride, or you’re hearing strange noises from your car it may be that you have an issue with your vehicle’s suspension system. Come in and we’ll let you know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to fix it.

We’ve got all of the biggest brand names in suspension in stock, including King Springs, Tuff Dog, BOGE, Ultima, Pedders and Monroe.

Our front-end specialist is also on-site 5 days week, meaning we’re always ready to offer you a diagnosis and a high quality repair service at the most competitive rates around.

Visit us today for a free suspension safety check!



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