When was the last time you got your suspension checked? If it was more than 10,000 kms ago you should probably pop in and pay us a visit.

Everybody knows we’re the ones to turn to for all your wheel and tyre needs but we’re also pretty hot when it comes to suspension work too. It’s important that you look good on the road but also that your ride is smooth when you’re on it.

If your tyres are wearing a little unevenly, giving you a bit of a rough ride, or you’re hearing strange noises from your car it may be that you have an issue with your vehicle’s suspension system. Come in and we’ll let you know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to fix it.

We’ve got all of the biggest brand names in suspension in stock, including King Springs, Tuff Dog, BOGE, Ultima, Pedders and Monroe.

Our front-end specialist is also on-site 5 days week, meaning we’re always ready to offer you a diagnosis and a high quality repair service at the most competitive rates around.

Visit us today for a free suspension safety check!


It’s all well and good having a beautiful looking ride, but just how safe is your vehicle really? Your brakes are a key element of road safety and they need to be checked regularly. We’re proud to offer you the latest wheels and tyres but we want your ride to be as safe as it can be too.

If you notice any of the problems below with your vehicle it’s probably a good idea for you to come in and get your brakes tested:

  • The car seems to lean to one side when braking.
  • Any unusual or excessive noise when breaking should also be looked into straight away.
  • Your brake pedal almost touches the floor when applied.
  • Shaking brake pedal, or your vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when braking.
  • Extreme pressure is needed on the pedal for the brakes to work.

For these and any other issue with your brakes, Top Ten are here to help. We’re here to ensure that your ride is a safe one.

Visit Top Ten Tyres in Carramar today to ensure that your braking system is working exactly as it should be!

Wheel Alignment

Does your car even seem to weave from side to side? Does it look like the tread on your tyres is wearing unevenly? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you probably need to get your wheels aligned. Cars without properly aligned wheels will cause undue wear on your tyres and could even lead to problems that could affect your road safety.

We recommend a wheel alignment check every 6 months.

It’s not all doom and gloom, as at Top Ten we’re well-schooled in wheel alignment services. We offer 4 wheel comprehensive alignments for most passenger, SUV and commercial vehicle types.

Pass by today and let’s make sure that your wheels are aligned correctly!


Mag Wheel Repairs

Mag wheel repairs are one of our fortes. Bring us any type of mag wheel for repair and we guarantee that what we give you back will leave you happy.

We can repair cracked, buckled and kerb-damaged rims at very competitive prices.
We also offer a re-painting and re-polishing service for the wheels that need a face-lift.

Swing by and get an on-the-spot quote!


Tyre Repairs

Have you noticed any issues with your tyre pressure, or have you just got the feeling that something doesn’t feel quite right? Perhaps you have a slow leak or can see a bulge in the side-wall? Whatever the reason we’re confident that Top Ten Tyres are your best bet when it comes to tyre repair or replacement!

We offer a puncture repair service while you wait with prices starting from $15.


Fitting & Balancing

Here at Top Ten, we only utilise state of the art workshop equipment. So you can rest assured that your rims will be in the best hands amongst the best machines our industry has to offer.

Our wheel balancer is the latest in laser technology, imported direct from Italy.

What this means to you is that you can count on pin-point accuracy offering the smoothest possible ride.



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