It’s all well and good having a beautiful looking ride, but just how safe is your vehicle really? Your brakes are a key element of road safety and they need to be checked regularly. We’re proud to offer you the latest wheels and tyres but we want your ride to be as safe as it can be too.

If you notice any of the problems below with your vehicle it’s probably a good idea for you to come in and get your brakes tested:

  • The car seems to lean to one side when braking.
  • Any unusual or excessive noise when breaking should also be looked into straight away.
  • Your brake pedal almost touches the floor when applied.
  • Shaking brake pedal, or your vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when braking.
  • Extreme pressure is needed on the pedal for the brakes to work.

For these and any other issue with your brakes, Top Ten are here to help. We’re here to ensure that your ride is a safe one.

Visit Top Ten Tyres in Carramar today to ensure that your braking system is working exactly as it should be!



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