With the rise in fuel prices, the share of the budget dedicated to travel increases and purchasing power is strongly impacted. If we are dependent on the selling price of fuel, we can nevertheless think about how to consume less gasoline to save money. Everyone has their own way presents 16 tips for consuming less gasoline.

1. Adopt flexible driving with eco-driving

The smoother your driving, the less unnecessary effort you require from your engine. Therefore, it requires less energy to move the vehicle, which affects your fuel consumption. So avoid accelerating and braking unexpectedly. Prefer to downshift rather than brake and do not rev the engine up. The higher the speed of your engine, the more gasoline you consume. This is one of the fundamental principles of eco-driving, a more ecological and economical way of driving your vehicle. Many mobile apps can help you adopt the right actions while driving!

2. Anticipate

When traveling by car, you always need to be one step ahead. Observe the road and look far ahead, so you can plan your next actions. A light that turns red, a child about to cross, a door that opens and spills onto the road, all elements that will lead to sudden braking. In addition to reducing your fuel consumption, anticipation in the car greatly improves your safety and that of other road users.

3. Turn off the engine when stopped

We’ve all heard the expression “come on, a liter wasted!” » when a car stalls. If it was partly true with old cars, the performance of new engines makes it possible to stop and restart without losing fuel. For stops longer than one minute, therefore prefer to turn off the ignition. Whether in traffic jams, at a red light or waiting for a friend, you will save fuel by stopping the engine. This is the principle of the Start and Go or Start&Stop systems present on most new vehicles.

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